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• At least once a season, wash and wax all exposed fiberglass surfaces to extend the life of the gel coat finish or paint.

• Never use the windshield wiper if the windshield is not wet. Dried salt or dirt on the windshield can scratch the glass.

• Never apply wax or buffing compound to a gel coat surface in direct sunlight.

• Never use any polish containing lemon or lemon scents on vinyl. The lemon juice will attack the vinyl and shorten its life.

• Sun tan oil, lotions, waxes and polishes contain oils and dyes that can cause stiffening and staining of vinyls.


• After usage, wash exterior of boat with boat soap and fresh water.

• Wipe down with a soft cloth to eliminate water spots.

• Flush motor/generator with fresh water. NOTE: never directly spray motors, components or electrical wiring.


• Wax & polish all stainless steel parts.

• Check and grease all seals in access hatches/deck plates.

• Wax hull with fiberglass wax to maintain hull luster.

• Wax all powder coat parts.

• Add fuel stabilizer if storing vessel for more than seven days.

• Refer to engine manufacturer for maintenance schedule.

• Cycle all ball valves open/closed to ensure working condition.

• Check and/or clean battery post connections.


• Inspect all fuel connections.

• Inspect all steering connections.

• Inspect and check connections on batteries.

• Inspect all hoses to check for leaks or faults.

• Inspect props and lower units for damage or excessive wear.

• Inspect waste system for correct operation.

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